World over, there is an agreement that quality formal schooling is essential to empower every individual to learn more, become more aware and participate more productively as a global citizen. For various reasons this agreement is not leading to effective resource allocations by administrators.

This has led to a realization that there are other ways of achieving objectives than depending solely on elected representatives and their machinery. Hence, Education as a social responsibility has been shouldered by several entities (and individuals) other than Governments.


10KEN (10K Education Network) is a social initiative with an objective to bring quality education within the reach of students from disadvantaged backgrounds across the globe


Our vision is to ensure that no student across the globe is deprived of quality education irrespective of his/her location, economic strata, quality of school infrastructure or any other impediments


As part of each pilot study, tele-education program will be implemented in at-least 50 government and government-aided schools in over 100 regions for up-to 3 academic years. Once the impact of the program is established through these pilot studies, respective governments would decide on scaling up of this program to benefit all government and
government-aided schools in their region


Tech-based virtual classrooms are no longer a novelty in India. However, there are several roadblocks in their implementation and sustenance. Service providers are not able to deliver up to the last mile, which is the classroom. Hardware is often inadequate. Power outages are chronic and often last for hours. Technology is tough to sustain in schools due to high associated costs. One-way communication fails to engage students and in-school teachers feel the threat of being replaced.

Technology driven Tele-Education solution overcomes these challenges by providing HIGHLY CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS that perform end-to-end in schools and colleges, to improve academic results. Technology and hardware delivery are just components of these innovative solutions, which allow lessons to be delivered by competent teachers and broadcast them from a central studio so that multiple classrooms receive them simultaneously in real time. The communication is two way with students getting an opportunity to clarify their queries in real-time at the end of each class/session.

The SAMIE Tele Education program that Edutel offers works effectively as a revision of core concepts; rather than replacing in-school teachers, it supplements their efforts. Schools can easily afford to introduce this as the cost per student is attractive.

Some salient features are:

Equipment used in the classroom is simple to operate and maintain.
Trained resources will be available for troubleshooting. Ample power backup is compulsorily provided at each location.
Recorded classes can be played back in case of any technical glitch.
All these ensure that SAMIE program offers the best possible solution to transform education and hence the lives of future generations.


Identifying over 100 regions around the world (pilot locations) where quality school education is still a dream

In each pilot locations, a cluster of schools (at-least 50) preferably run by the government will be selected

Concept building sessions in Mathematics, Science, English and Computer Science will be delivered by 10KEN Consortium using high quality interactive multimedia content in every pilot


10Ken aims at bringing quality education within easy reach of students hailing from the most disadvantaged backgrounds across the globe. It will leverage locally available technology to deliver high quality content to remote schools, so as to strengthen the conceptual understanding of students and elevate the learning outcomes.

A network of 10,000 schools worldwide can access interactive classes hosted by expert teachers, tailored educational content and clarification of queries.

We aim for a Perfect 10 in disseminating Knowledge in ten thousand schools in the network We believe that by the end of this period the respective Governments would be willing to invest in extending the program to other schools under their care.


Pioneered by Edutel, the Satellite and Advanced Multimedia Education (SAMIE) program is conducted for classes V-X and operates through a unique combination of satellite (VSAT) and terrestrial (Internet) communication technologies. It was tested during a pilot run (2011-13), as a part of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) led consortium at 14 government schools in Tumkur district. 3,112 students benefited from this Tele-education program.

Subsequently in 2014, the Govt. of Karnataka approved a larger program (an action-research project) with 1,000 schools. This project has won the prestigious WSIS-2015 Award in Geneva. The Govt. of Karnataka has also approved an extension of this program to additional 1,000 schools.


The consortium implementing the 10KEN program consists of Academic Institutions, Research Organizations, Industry Associations, Non Government Organizations (NGOs) / Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Corporate Foundations, Social Enterprises, Philanthropists, Investors and Donors.

We have visualised the possibility of impacting 10,000 schools positively through technology backed solutions. This will be achieved by implementing the pilots in 100 + regions across the globe.


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